How to become full stack developer in 2019 | For beginners

So you want to become a Full stack developer in 2019? Well, you are in the right place. You may want to enroll in our mean stack developer online course.

First of all, let’s try to understand

Who is a full stack developer? Role and Responsibilities

Full stack developer is a developer, who can create an end to end application without the requirement of another developer. An end to end application means, from backend to front end.

Applications are divided into 2 different parts

  • Frontend of the application (interface, what your users see)
  • Backend of the application (the logic of the application, such as where to save photos of users)

What all things are there in Frontend of the application?

Front end of the application consists of User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX)

And the Front end of a web application is designed/created with

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

more on this in the separate section.

What all things are there in Backend of the application?

The backend of the application is where the logic of the application sits. Suppose you want to check visionard academy facebook group on facebook.

The data of our facebook group, various posts, images will come from the database which will be processed in the backend.

Your job as a backend developer is to create

  • Api for your application(which will connect to front end)
  • Manage the login which runs your application

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Why one should become a fullstack developer?

Being a fullstack developer is in very high demand? Why do you ask? Because you can technically do the job of 2 people(front end & back end).

And a company would much rather invest in people like you than in 2 different developers.

But let’s address the elephant in the room? How much you are going to make as a full stack developer?

Salary of a full stack developer?

Since this job has high demand, perks are awesome.

A full stack developer in America makes on an average from $97000 – $150,000 / annum

And if you are in India, your salary ranges from INR 400,000 – INR 1,800,000 / annum

Considering this, a lot of people want to become a full stack developer. But now the questions come? What you should learn, and is that even in demand? So let me clear out your doubts one at a time.

Steps to become a full stack developer in 2019

  1. Learn basics of programming, not matter what field you choose in IT, if you are going to code, you need to learn the basics of programming. Days to master 60 days
  2. Then learn HTML, HTML5 learning time – 7 days
  3. After learning HTML, you should then move to CSS, CSS3 learning time – 7 days
  4. Javascript makes your page interactive. It will have syntax like other programming languages. It is easier to learn if you have prior programming experience. learning time – 14 days – 28 days (depends on level of your understanding as a programmer)
  5. Learn Server side language, start with nodejs you will get javascript environment, sothe process will be easier days to master 15 days make sure you learn it with the databases where you store values in the database. Others languages are python, php, asp and jsp
  6. Frameworks you should learn after mastering the server side language(recommended but optional)
    1. Nodejs – Expressjs
    2. Python – Django
    3. PHP – Laravel or Codeigniter
    4. ASP – MVC
    5. JSP – Spring Framework

You need to follow these points in order to become the full stack developer at beginner level.

Remember, more your practice, more you learn.


Apart from the basic and fundamental steps, you can also learn some more things like

Javascript Framework

The javascript framework will not only make your pages more interactive but also more efficient. Modern day applications rely heavily on javascript. So learning a framework will help you out.

  • Angular
  • Reactjs
  • Vuejs

javascript frameworks

CSS framework

CSS frameworks will help you create beautiful designs for your webpage.

The advantage of learning a CSS framework?

  • They provide responsive web design
  • Follow all the latest standards

Good CSS frameworks to start your journey would be Twitter Bootstrap

Important Tools

  1. Where to write your code
    1. Sublime text (paid)
    2. Visual studio code (free)
  2. Where to save your code in the cloud
    1. Bitbucket (free for 5 users, good for starters)
    2. Github ( free but the code will be visible in public)
  3. Git
    1. Gitkraken
    2. Git scm

No matter what you do, I request you please learn the concept of git, you may not understand why you need it! But in future you will understand it.

Hopefully, I have covered all the points but still, if I’m missing out something feel free to comment below, if you still like to know more, you can contact me directly, would love to help you 🙂

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How to become Data Scientist in 2019

So you want to become a data scientist? Well one thing we can sure assure you, it is very hot right now and it always pays a lot of money

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But let us start focusing on the important parts of becoming a data scientist.

Who is a data scientist?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, both structured and unstructured, similar to data mining – Wikipedia

So just like a scientist will do experiments. A data scientist will try to gain insight from the data which is available to him. Remember since data comes in all shapes and sizes, it requires a lot of effort to master the art.

Why one should aspire to become a data scientist?

DATA is new GOLD, more data you have, more efficiently you can serve you customers with your products and services.

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All the major companies in the silicon valley are hiring data scientists. They want to know what they can do with all the data.

They want to know, why some products are more used and why some are useless.

And the most important point, they want to know where are they heading?

What do you need to know about becoming a data scientist?

Apparently not much. You may already have the required skills to pursue the career of data scientist. Now I want to make one thing very clear, becoming a data scientist does require some basic understanding of programming. If you have never touched programming, you are required to learn it first.

Skills you need to learn to become a data scientist

Programming Skills

Programming is something which scares a lot of individuals. But by mastering it, you can explore the whole new world. Now if you don’t have programming skills, we suggest getting a good beginner course.

Now data science has a great set of tools but they work with some specific languages only. You can use any language for data science but your learning curve might be huge and community support might be lesser.

Preferred languages for data scientist role

Python – Most popular, has huge community support and easy to learn, in fact, a lot of people learn python as their first programming language.

R language – Built for data science job. Since this is a new language in town. It falls short in terms of community support when compared with python. Language R does come with some learning curve.

Special Degree? As Google and Apple have stopped hiring people based on degree, we won’t focus on them.

Database Basics

As a data scientist, your job has everything to do with big data. So you must learn the basics of the database.

The learning curve is very small and it takes hardly 15 days to 24 days to learn the concepts as it is just like how human beings talk.

Now database basics contain

  • 10% concepts
  • 90% SQL

What is SQL?

SQL is popularly known as a Structured query languageand in simple terms it means, querying the database(getting data from the database) as we talk to a human being.


Tell me who all are present from Maths department?

English into SQL

SELECT * FROM students WHERE department = “maths”;

Don’t worry about the statement, but I believe, If you can understand English, you can understand the above statement.


Big data is something which relies heavily on tools and frameworks to make your life easier.

You can still become a data scientist without mastering these tools but still, It is always better to move forward and save time with tools.

  1. Hadoop – A framework with which you can break your big data into smaller pieces and process them in different machines.Yes, if I talk about big data, it is very huge, sometimes it is impossible for us to process this in a single machine.
    We use frameworks like Hadoop to break them into smaller pieces and then process them in different machines to save time.
  2. Apache Spark – Again, this framework works similarly but it is faster than Hadoop

Why Apache Spark is faster than Hadoop? When we talk about reading and writing, Hadoop does it directly on the hard disk while Apache Spark caches them into primary memory (aka RAM)

Common misconceptions about Data Scientist Career (Busted)

  1. They wear regular clothes not just white coat and big black glasses
  2. They have to work in a closed environment. NO, you can work from anywhere, thanks to the internet, you can connect to your environment from anywhere in the world
  3. You need a special degree. NO, a lot of nontechnical degree holders and now data scientist.
  4. You have to take special classes, skip job/classes to learn data science. NO, even if you can spare 60 mins a day, you can easily become a data scientist in 3 months.
  5. As a student, I cannot pay huge fees to learn data science. NO, You can learn data science for free, in fact, we have one free tutorial series on Pyspark
  6. Data science is for big companies. NO, a lot of government and small businesses are looking for a data scientist.

Well with this we wish you luck in your journey, feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what do you think.

If you feel we are missing out on something, feel free to let us know.

Want to master data science and other technologies.

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