What is Cloud computing? Beginners guide to cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is not putting your servers on cloud

Problem with traditional computing!

Long time ago, when you wanted to host a website on the internet. You had to buy 

  • Hardware – ram, processor, storage
  • Bandwidth – to serve the content
  • Infrastructure – where you are going to keep the server
  • Security – you have to save your data from internet world as well as physical world.

You may say you are fine with traditional method, and you ask why do you need cloud computing?

Answer is very simple, when you website get huge traffic, your limited resources would crash out and you are out of business. You must have seen unresponsive websites, crashed websites in your internet journey.

I can simply add more resources and I’m done?

Well that is not that simple, reason? More resources does not mean you can ignore other issues.


Cloud computing – buying or I should say renting everything from servers, storage, databases, software from anywhere in the world without worrying about the infrastructure and security of them(you have to secure your application)

The biggest advantage you have with cloud is that you don’t have to worry about useless things. Like? Power supply for your servers, Physical security of your server location and many more.

Cloud computing can be compared to building your own office from scratch to renting out a office space in any location with you managing what goes inside the office and your owner managing the life, security, cleanliness and other things for a fees

Does this mean you lack powers with what to do ? No, cloud providers are friendly and they help you in every step of your journey.

Advantages of opting for cloud computing

  1. Cost – Since your are not managing non-essential things with respect to your business goals, your cost comes down drastically.Comparing this, if you want to host a website on internet with your hardware, I would assume you have to spend at least $1000 to go live. While with cloud you can go as low as $5 per month with you only managing your application.
  2. Ease of scaling – Traditionally when you had to scale your application, you would go to market, buy new hardware, come back home, plug the hardware(if that was so easy) and then expect everything to work and congratulations you have scaled your application. But with cloud with a click of a button you can scale your application and that too in minutes.
  3. Your focus area – with cloud computing, you focus on building application and services for your customers, and things like security and hardware are taken care by your cloud provider
  4.  Pocket friendly – You don’t have to buy a huge subscription when you are starting out. You can start with lowest amount and some cloud providers also providing pay as you go plans
  5. Availability – Traditionally when you server was down, your application was down. But with cloud, if one location is down, you can stay online from other location

Types of cloud computing
Cloud computing comes in 3 basic different types

  • Private cloud 
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

What is Private Cloud – Private cloud is nothing but a set of resources limited to the company or organisation owning them. Nobody from the outside world has access to them and the maintenance is handled by the organisation itself.

When you should use Private cloud – You should use private cloud when you want to keep resources within the organisation itself.

Example of a private cloud – Infrastructure owned by facebook for its application. They have huge amount of resources but everything is owned by them and only their employees can use them only for the business goals of facebook.

What is Public Cloud – Public cloud is set of resources which can be used by anyone in the world. They resources can be paid or free depending on the cloud provider. Even though the infrastructure is owned by the cloud provider and they are responsible for the maintenance but anyone in the world can use them for their requirement.

When you should use Public cloud – When you don’t want to manage anything other than your application itself.

Example of public cloud – Microsoft azure, Google Compute Engine or Amazon web services are the best examples of public cloud which are paid.

What is Hybrid cloud –  When you create a cloud which combines public cloud and private cloud, it is known as hybrid cloud. 

How hybrid cloud works? Well when you take public cloud and create a private architecture over the public cloud according to the requirements.

Types of Cloud Services
When we talk about renting out something, we always prefer to take only what we need. In similar fashion, with cloud you only opt for things you need in comparison to all other things which you don’t need.
Cloud comes with 3 basic types of subscription options

  • Infrastructure as a service 
  • Platform as a service
  • Software as a service 
  1. What is Infrastructure as a service – also known as IaaS where the company or cloud service providers rents you their infrastructure for your use. Example of Infrastructure as a service would be Microsoft Azure, where you simply login to their website and start creating virtual machines, storage space and etc.
  2. What is Platform as a service – also known as PaaS where the company or the cloud service providers rents you various platforms for your applications to use. Here you don’t have to setup the platform, you will get pre configured platform for your use. Example using Lamp stack, where you don’t have to setup Lamp platform.
  3. What is Software as a service – also known as SaaS where the company or the cloud service providers rents you their software for your use. Here you don’t have to buy bundled software, you simply buy what you need and only pay for time you used it. Example of SaaS would be, music streaming applications, you are using their software to listen to music.

How to become full stack developer in 2019 | For beginners

So you want to become a Full stack developer in 2019? Well, you are in the right place. You may want to enroll in our mean stack developer online course.

First of all, let’s try to understand

Who is a full stack developer? Role and Responsibilities

Full stack developer is a developer, who can create an end to end application without the requirement of another developer. An end to end application means, from backend to front end.

Applications are divided into 2 different parts

  • Frontend of the application (interface, what your users see)
  • Backend of the application (the logic of the application, such as where to save photos of users)

What all things are there in Frontend of the application?

Front end of the application consists of User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX)

And the Front end of a web application is designed/created with

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

more on this in the separate section.

What all things are there in Backend of the application?

The backend of the application is where the logic of the application sits. Suppose you want to check visionard academy facebook group on facebook.

The data of our facebook group, various posts, images will come from the database which will be processed in the backend.

Your job as a backend developer is to create

  • Api for your application(which will connect to front end)
  • Manage the login which runs your application

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Why one should become a fullstack developer?

Being a fullstack developer is in very high demand? Why do you ask? Because you can technically do the job of 2 people(front end & back end).

And a company would much rather invest in people like you than in 2 different developers.

But let’s address the elephant in the room? How much you are going to make as a full stack developer?

Salary of a full stack developer?

Since this job has high demand, perks are awesome.

A full stack developer in America makes on an average from $97000 – $150,000 / annum

And if you are in India, your salary ranges from INR 400,000 – INR 1,800,000 / annum

Considering this, a lot of people want to become a full stack developer. But now the questions come? What you should learn, and is that even in demand? So let me clear out your doubts one at a time.

Steps to become a full stack developer in 2019

  1. Learn basics of programming, not matter what field you choose in IT, if you are going to code, you need to learn the basics of programming. Days to master 60 days
  2. Then learn HTML, HTML5 learning time – 7 days
  3. After learning HTML, you should then move to CSS, CSS3 learning time – 7 days
  4. Javascript makes your page interactive. It will have syntax like other programming languages. It is easier to learn if you have prior programming experience. learning time – 14 days – 28 days (depends on level of your understanding as a programmer)
  5. Learn Server side language, start with nodejs you will get javascript environment, sothe process will be easier days to master 15 days make sure you learn it with the databases where you store values in the database. Others languages are python, php, asp and jsp
  6. Frameworks you should learn after mastering the server side language(recommended but optional)
    1. Nodejs – Expressjs
    2. Python – Django
    3. PHP – Laravel or Codeigniter
    4. ASP – MVC
    5. JSP – Spring Framework

You need to follow these points in order to become the full stack developer at beginner level.

Remember, more your practice, more you learn.


Apart from the basic and fundamental steps, you can also learn some more things like

Javascript Framework

The javascript framework will not only make your pages more interactive but also more efficient. Modern day applications rely heavily on javascript. So learning a framework will help you out.

  • Angular
  • Reactjs
  • Vuejs

javascript frameworks

CSS framework

CSS frameworks will help you create beautiful designs for your webpage.

The advantage of learning a CSS framework?

  • They provide responsive web design
  • Follow all the latest standards

Good CSS frameworks to start your journey would be Twitter Bootstrap

Important Tools

  1. Where to write your code
    1. Sublime text (paid)
    2. Visual studio code (free)
  2. Where to save your code in the cloud
    1. Bitbucket (free for 5 users, good for starters)
    2. Github ( free but the code will be visible in public)
  3. Git
    1. Gitkraken
    2. Git scm

No matter what you do, I request you please learn the concept of git, you may not understand why you need it! But in future you will understand it.

Hopefully, I have covered all the points but still, if I’m missing out something feel free to comment below, if you still like to know more, you can contact me directly, would love to help you 🙂

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Pyspark tutorial for Beginners | Introduction to Pyspark

Welcome to our Pyspark tutorial series. Before we start, we do want to mention, if you have no idea about Big data and impact it will have in 2019.

What you need to know before learning Pyspark?

Pyspark Tutorial series will rely on some concepts which we expect you to be aware of, we are not asking you to be professional but at least more than beginner in following technologies

  • Python – Basics required(at least must have programming knowledge)
  • Big Data – Concepts required

Again if you are not an expert that is fine, we just want to make you aware that it is the least what is required.

System requirement for learning pyspark as beginner

Following will be specification of system we will use for this pyspark series

  • Windows 7 – 64 Bit
  • 8 GB of Ram
  • 1 TB of HDD

Who should follow this tutorial series?

Basically anyone with basic knowledge of python(programming knowledge). We don’t differntial but anyone who is comfortable with big data or willing to work on big data is good on our list. But for sake of it, here is the proper list

  • Students(always recommended)
  • MNC Freshers(will provide you a huge boost)
  • Software Developers / Web Developers ( good for you to skyrocket your career growth)
  • Big data hackers(who like to play with big data)

What is Pyspark?

Pyspark is the combination of 2 powerful technologies

  • Python – A programming language
  • Apache Spark – Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine for big data processing, with built-in modules for streaming, SQL, machine learning and graph processing – official website

Now if we can simplify it. With the help of Pyspark framework, we can process our big data and can get meaningful results in different formats like graphs using python or SQL like quries on files like .csv or .json 

Now if you don’t understand anything, no need to worry about. Just follow along and carry on.

Pyspark Tutorials 

  1. Introduction to Pyspark (Current Lesson)
  2. Installing required software / Setting up environment (Coming soon)
  3. Working with SparkContext (Coming soon)
  4. What are dataframes, working with dataframes (Coming Soon)
  5. Working with SparkSession (Coming Soon)
  6. Using Panda with Spark Dataframe (Coming Soon)
  7. Analysing Big Data (Coming Soon)
  8. Working on a real working Project (Coming Soon)
  9. MLib to create Powerful Machine Learning Models (Coming Soon)
  10. Create a Spam filter using Spark and Natural Language Processing (Coming Soon)
  11. Use Spark Streaming to Analyze Tweets in Real Time! (Coming Soon)

How to become Data Scientist in 2019

So you want to become a data scientist? Well one thing we can sure assure you, it is very hot right now and it always pays a lot of money

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But let us start focusing on the important parts of becoming a data scientist.

Who is a data scientist?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, both structured and unstructured, similar to data mining – Wikipedia

So just like a scientist will do experiments. A data scientist will try to gain insight from the data which is available to him. Remember since data comes in all shapes and sizes, it requires a lot of effort to master the art.

Why one should aspire to become a data scientist?

DATA is new GOLD, more data you have, more efficiently you can serve you customers with your products and services.

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All the major companies in the silicon valley are hiring data scientists. They want to know what they can do with all the data.

They want to know, why some products are more used and why some are useless.

And the most important point, they want to know where are they heading?

What do you need to know about becoming a data scientist?

Apparently not much. You may already have the required skills to pursue the career of data scientist. Now I want to make one thing very clear, becoming a data scientist does require some basic understanding of programming. If you have never touched programming, you are required to learn it first.

Skills you need to learn to become a data scientist

Programming Skills

Programming is something which scares a lot of individuals. But by mastering it, you can explore the whole new world. Now if you don’t have programming skills, we suggest getting a good beginner course.

Now data science has a great set of tools but they work with some specific languages only. You can use any language for data science but your learning curve might be huge and community support might be lesser.

Preferred languages for data scientist role

Python – Most popular, has huge community support and easy to learn, in fact, a lot of people learn python as their first programming language.

R language – Built for data science job. Since this is a new language in town. It falls short in terms of community support when compared with python. Language R does come with some learning curve.

Special Degree? As Google and Apple have stopped hiring people based on degree, we won’t focus on them.

Database Basics

As a data scientist, your job has everything to do with big data. So you must learn the basics of the database.

The learning curve is very small and it takes hardly 15 days to 24 days to learn the concepts as it is just like how human beings talk.

Now database basics contain

  • 10% concepts
  • 90% SQL

What is SQL?

SQL is popularly known as a Structured query languageand in simple terms it means, querying the database(getting data from the database) as we talk to a human being.


Tell me who all are present from Maths department?

English into SQL

SELECT * FROM students WHERE department = “maths”;

Don’t worry about the statement, but I believe, If you can understand English, you can understand the above statement.


Big data is something which relies heavily on tools and frameworks to make your life easier.

You can still become a data scientist without mastering these tools but still, It is always better to move forward and save time with tools.

  1. Hadoop – A framework with which you can break your big data into smaller pieces and process them in different machines.Yes, if I talk about big data, it is very huge, sometimes it is impossible for us to process this in a single machine.
    We use frameworks like Hadoop to break them into smaller pieces and then process them in different machines to save time.
  2. Apache Spark – Again, this framework works similarly but it is faster than Hadoop

Why Apache Spark is faster than Hadoop? When we talk about reading and writing, Hadoop does it directly on the hard disk while Apache Spark caches them into primary memory (aka RAM)

Common misconceptions about Data Scientist Career (Busted)

  1. They wear regular clothes not just white coat and big black glasses
  2. They have to work in a closed environment. NO, you can work from anywhere, thanks to the internet, you can connect to your environment from anywhere in the world
  3. You need a special degree. NO, a lot of nontechnical degree holders and now data scientist.
  4. You have to take special classes, skip job/classes to learn data science. NO, even if you can spare 60 mins a day, you can easily become a data scientist in 3 months.
  5. As a student, I cannot pay huge fees to learn data science. NO, You can learn data science for free, in fact, we have one free tutorial series on Pyspark
  6. Data science is for big companies. NO, a lot of government and small businesses are looking for a data scientist.

Well with this we wish you luck in your journey, feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what do you think.

If you feel we are missing out on something, feel free to let us know.

Want to master data science and other technologies.

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MEAN Stack training| Learn to build Advance SPA

Types of MEAN Stack training available with US

  • Online Classroom (Live instructor led training)
  • One to one training (Based on your requirements)
  • Corporate / Team training (Both Live instructor led and classroom)

Key features of our MEAN Stack training

  • 36 hours of extensive Live instructor-led training for MEAN Stack
  • Learn with best hands on 
  • Learn from Industry experts
  • Job Support and Interview Support

Who should enroll for this training?

Our 36 hours extensive MEAN stack training is designed for 

  • Students 
  • Hobbyist
  • Software developers
  • LAMP Stack developers
  • Full stack java developers

What you need to know?

  • Basics of programming (like the difference between while and do while loop) 
  • Familiar with the development process
  • Basic conceputal understanding of database

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Blockchain online training

we at visionard understand that your career depends on set of skills you put on the table. That is why our extensive blockchain training course is designed for people who are looking for following career oppournities

  • Blockchain consultant
  • Blockchain developer

If you are still not sure about blockchain, learn some of the fundamentals about the blockchain and blockchain development

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Big Data Hadoop Training in Bhopal

Can you get good Big data training in Bhopal?

Yes, you can Learn From Experts.

Our special Big data training module is designed with following points in mind.

  • Learning from Live Projects
  • 100% Placement oriented training and support
  • Small class size, more focus per student

Big data training course

Our extensive big data training program is taught in the ecosystem of Microsoft Azure, you can signup for Azure Trail account worth $200 for 30 days

  • Getting Started with HDInsight
  • Loading data into HDInsight
  • Troubleshooting HDInsight
  • Implementing Batch Solutions
  • Design Batch ETL solutions for big data with Spark
  • Analyze Data with Spark SQL
  • Analyze Data with Hive and Phoenix
  • Stream Analytics
  • Implementing Streaming Solutions with Kafka and HBase
  • Develop big data real-time processing solutions with Apache Storm

Course Duration will be 30 hours where training timing will be flexible according to the requirement of the student.

For big data training cost, give us a missed call

Career opportunities with Big Data?

As soon as you are well equipped with big data, there are career growth opportunities for you. Some of the most trending job roles are :- 

  1. Big Data Engineer
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Data Visualization Developer
  5. Business Intelligence (BI) Engineer
  6. BI Solutions Architect
  7. BI Specialist
  8. Statistician

Companies hiring for big data specialist ?

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SAP Training in Bhopal | Job Oriented | 8+ years of experience

SAP Training in Bhopal is providing is a classroom based modal. We have a faculty with 8+ years of experience.

Our classroom based training is designed for students who need flexible.  

Who should take this training?

SAP is intended for students and professionals who are looking to enter into the field of Systems Applications & Products. And anyone who aspires to become a SAP Administrator.

How it will help you in your career?

SAP certified professionals get a big salary offer from big companies 

SAP Certificates